Kris Wadsworth will release his next album through Jimmy Edgar’s Ultramajic in May this year.

Berlin-based Kris Wadsworth is back with his first full-length since 2014’s Popularity on Hypercolour. In the years following that record, he has released a string of EPs on his own Uranus, as well as coordinating releases by Mr. G, Shady P and The Friend on his other Breed imprint.

Ultramajic was founded back in 2013, and has hosted the likes of Truncate, Danny Daze and Lando. It is no coincidence that Wadsworth ended up on Edgar’s imprint with this record, as the pair grew up together in Detroit, sharing a friendship that goes back to when they were only 11 years old. Wadsworth has since emigrated to Germany, and this album is informed by “Wadsworth’s personal path of self-discovery,” with “the eight tracks telling the story of his days as an expat in Berlin.”

You can stream snippets from the album via the Ultramajic Soundcloud below.