Celebrated musician and video artist Kutiman first launched Thru-You 5 years ago, which saw the artist slicing and combining existing musical elements of unrelated musicians on YouTube to great acclaim. Following up Thru-You is Thru-You-Too, which uses the same methodology to present 6 tracks ranging from R&B flecked pieces, to more soul and groove focused outings. In a quest to capture Thru-You-Too‘s spirit of diversity and multi-cultural genre merging, Kutiman has enlisted 10 producers, all from different countries and musical backgrounds, to remix tracks from his ground-breaking release. Some of the producers and musicians involved in the project include Free The Robots, Red Axes, and Rejoicer.

The project has launched with a multi-media website, which presents the artists involved and provides streaming for each remix. You can check out the website here, with a full stream of Free The Robots remix of “Give It Up” below.