A former mainstay of the LA beat scene, Kutmah has been somewhat quiet on the release front since being deported from the United States and relocating to the UK. Now, the London-based producer has revealed plans to issue a new EP via the Technicolour imprint (helmed by UK producer PhOtOmachine) next month. The forthcoming Our Mannequin EP will offer six original productions from Kutmah, while featuring LA producer/vocalist Seven Davis Jr and Zackey Force Funk on two separate tracks.

With the whole affair slated to drop on August 25, the lead single from Kutmah’s upcoming Our Mannequin EP, “Nose in My Brain,” can be streamed in full below. (via FACT)

A1 Noise in My Brain
A2 Tranzition (feat Zackey Force Funk)
A3 Agalmato (feat Seven Davis Jr)
B1 Coprolalia
B2 Amargossa
B3 Leaving