Kutmah has revealed a new collection of heady and darkly tinged instrumentals, titled =

The Berlin-based artist, real name Justin McNulty, self-released the 13-track album exclusively on Bandcamp earlier this month. It explores a variety of foundations from the first incarnation of the beat movement, ultimately rooting itself in an organic state of ’90s era hip-hop instrumentalism. 

With dusty vinyl samples, soulful rhythms, exotic overtones, and a head-nodding induced saturation that leans toward the analog, = rekindles a sound Kutmah was partly responsible for creating. As one of the first artists to emerge from the Los Angeles beat movement with his Sketchbook series and now a regular contributor to the NTS radio platform, we’re told that his legacy shines through loud and clear, further establishing himself as an essential pillar in 21st-century experimental music culture. 

Kutmah’s last full-length came in 2017 via Big Dada Recordings.

Purchase and stream the new Kutmah LP, =, here


01. Light Bulb Moment 

02. Graffiti-VHS

03. VOKAB-3000

04. Hammock

05. Hurghada Nights

06. AnalogCadillac

07. This World…

08. Far Away


10. RideOut

11. Abednego

12. One4Ras_G

13. GetDown (Outro)