After building momentum with much-acclaimed releases from seasoned producers and rising stars alike, exclusive mail order imprint KX celebrates its tenth instalment with an action-packed compilation of secret weapons and future classics.

KX is a new label set up by the Kompakt record store and warehouse crew. Do not mistake this as a new sub-label of Kompakt, but as an entity of it’s own birthed ‘from fans to fans.’

KX is now set to release their first ever compilation in album format, KX 2015, which highlights the year’s releases from Reinhard Voigt, Lazaros, Luis Junior, Elijah Simmons, and a massive debut 12″ from rising star Jonas Rathsman.


01. Christerk – Snowhaze
02. Roy Rosenfeld & Guy Mantzur – Deeyo
03. Pieter Steijger – Gossip
04. Lazaros – Keto
05. Luis Junior – Numina
06. Elijah Simmons – Sil
07. Jonas Rathsman – New Generation
08. Euripides – the Dreamer
09. Krisztian Dobrocsi – Subwolfer

01. Elijah Simmons – Pisces
02. Termoment – Arcade Gem
03. Kelly Sylvia – Sapphire
04. Luis Junior – La Musica
05. Lazaros – Trigono
06. Reinhard Voigt – Rv 01
08. Euripides – Melancholy Days
08. Gadi Mitrani – Key of Stillness (Original Vocal Mix)

KX will release KX 2015 on November 13.