Kyle Hall and Sohail Azad (a.k.a. Kero) have teamed up on a sophomore collaborative record, this time for Azad’s own Detroit Underground label. Entitled TWO, the EP follows from the duo’s “Zug Island” b/w “K2 Attack” single, which was billed as “toxic, dubbed-out neo acid” and issued via Hall’s Wild Oats imprint back in 2012. This upcoming effort is said to “reflect contemporary electronic music’s current fascination with outsider production [and] 1980s wave music, while still delivering a pulsing and relentless dancefloor beat” and will see a vinyl release within the next few days, with a digital version becoming available next week. The release also heralds the start of a partnership between Detroit Underground and design studio The Designer’s Republic, which has been tasked with making a series of limited-edition 7″ and 12″ screenprinted sleeves for upcoming label releases. The artwork for TWO, along with its complete tracklist, can be found below.

B1. EP2-3
B2. Polydextrose