Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual (a.k.a L.E.V.) 2018 has revealed the first names for its upcoming 11th edition—including audiovisual live shows, showcases, and workshops.

L.E.V., a project co-produced by the Government of the Principality of Asturias, Gijón’s Town Council, LABoral Centro de Arte, and Datatrón Collective will return to Gijon, Spain from April 26 to 29, featuring a lineup full of daring and innovative international acts that “aim to go beyond classic formats within the fields of sound and vision creations.”

Hiroaki Umeda makes his return to L.E.V to showcase his Intensional Particle performance; while Martin Messier & Yro also come back with their first collaboration: ASHES—designed to remind us that the world’s substance, perceived on a microscopic level, is “nothing but a universe in itself.” After several months of artistic residence in a co-production among Montreal, Paris and Gijón, L.E.V. Festival will host the worldwide premiere of this project.

Creative Italian artist Michela Pelusio will also join the roster with her interpretation of quantum physics in her Spacetime Helix project, a fascinating attempt at visualizing sounds to explore the concept of infinity and the “string theory,” through a set of frequencies and visual and sound geometries.

Another collaboration, in this case between Murcof and Canadian artist Jimmy Lakatos, will bring Nebula, an installation that tries to visualize the most cosmic side of the sound universe of the Mexican artist.

Among the audiovisual live shows, you can find the worldwide premiere of Deeper State, the new audio-visual project of Atom ™; Rabit and Cecile’s take on Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs Du Mal; the new project by innovative British audiovisual creator Zan Lyons; and the audiovisual dreamscapes of Loscil, a further development of the language explored in their most recent albums.

The lineup also includes the particular vision of sci-fi dance music by Zombie Zombie, who will play their new Livity project, while Lusine will also play.


Atom™ “Deeper State” (world premiere) [raster-media , De]
Hiroaki Umeda “Intensional Particle” [Jp]
Loscil live a/v [Kranky, Ca]
Martin Messier & Yro “Ashes” (world premiere) [Ca/Fr]
Zombie Zombie [Versatile, Fr]
Lusine [Ghostly International, USA]
Murcof & Jimmy Lakatos “Nebula” (world premiere) [Mx/Ca]
Rabit live a/v (w Cecile) “Les Fleurs Du Mal” [Halcyon Veil, USA/Fr]
Michela Pelusio “Spacetime Helix” [It]
Zan Lyons live a/v (world premiere) [Uk]

This year’s edition takes place from April 26 to 29 in Gijon, Spain, with more information available here.