L.E.V Festival has revealed details of its audiovisual installations circuit.

The Spanish festival will bring together five “of the most remarkable current names” from the audiovisual world, to create a circuit of different installations around Gijón. Montreal’s Maotik will premiere his Aeryon project—an artistic interpretation of a surveillance drone’s vision. Daniel Iregui brings an interactive LED sculpture, entitled Control No Control, while Olivier Ratsi brings his graphical work about the re-composition of time and space, known as Onion Skin. The final two additions are Martin Messier‘s BOiTE NOIRE (“Black Box”) and Carlos Coronas‘s Lampyridae.

Festival goers can also look forward to a TouchDesigner workshop by Markus HeckmannÐ, focusing on the core concepts and techniques required when diving into the visual programming environment.

For more information on L.E.V and the complete lineup, head to the festival’s site.