Ron Morelli is now best known for running the prolific L.I.E.S. label, though his own solo output has been limited to a single release, which he issued under the name U-202. But that will change later this fall, when Dominick Fernow’s Hospital Productions releases Morelli’s debut full-length. The eight-track Spit is said to be influenced by “immediacy, pressure, monotony, and stress,” resulting in music described as ranging from “house and industrial tape experiments to saturated, metallic beat tracks.” Morelli is said to have recorded the album in an area rife with prostitutes, whose constant spitting influenced the record’s title and some of the body-centric themes. Before it’s made available on November 11, the artwork and tracklist for Spit can be viewed below. (via Juno Plus)

1. Radar Version
2. Modern Paranoia
3. Crack Microbes
4. Sledghammer II
5. Fake Rush
6. Director Of…
7. No Real Reason
8. Slow Drown