NYC synth specialist Gavin Russom will next land on the L.I.E.S. imprint with the three-track The Telstar File EP. Serving as Russom’s debut outing for the label, The Telstar File is said to find the seasoned artist “going for the throat” with a trio of “functional club tracks that teeter on the edge of the deepest psychedelic realm.”

Serving as our first taste of the record, the EP’s title track certainly fits that description, as it wraps a dark, twisted bassline around crisp hardware-form rhythms, and using its seven-plus minute runtime to gradually tweak its various synth lines out into the “psychedelic realm” alluded to above. Set to drop sometime in March, the complete tracklist for Russom’s The Telstar File EP has been included below along with a full stream of the record’s title track.

1. Mantle of the Stars
2. Brood Queen
3. The Telstar File