New York label L.I.E.S. is forever a strange bunch, prolifically releasing house music seemingly tied together by some deranged, industrial aesthetic, and it continues the streak with records on the way from two new roster additions. First up is a two-track 12″ called Siamese Connextion by Connecticut-based artist Entro Senestre. Streaming below, a-side cut “Root Canal” is a cut of blistering electro which displays Entro Senestre’s acidic approach to techno. Parisian producer Voiski‘s three-track, self-titled EP is also on the way; the “From White to Red” track streaming below is a cyclical and self-contained techno production which seems to deconstruct hip-hop as it swirls around its glassy milieu. Both releases are do out next week, but before then, their tracklists and previews can be found below. (via Juno Plus)

Entro Senestre – Siamese Connextion
A1. Root Canal
B1. Siamese Connextion

Voiski – Voiski
A1. From White to Red
A2. From Wood to Stone
B1. From Sea to Sea