Fans of Arab Strap, take note. There’s still music to be had following the band’s recent split, courtesy of Aidan Moffat working under his solo moniker L Pierre. Following 2004’s Touchpool, his latest effort, Dip, explores a quieter, less machine-driven side of Moffat’s musical sensibilities. A concept album through and through, Dip is full of cellos, acoustic bass, trumpets, and other live instruments woven into dreamy sequences and accompanied by the sound of waves crashing. If any filmmakers are reading, here’s a man you might call up to compose your next soundtrack.

Dip is out January 15, 2007 on Melodic.

1. Gullsong
2. Weir’s Way
3. Gust
4. Ache
5. Hike
6. Drif