Photo | Almuth Anders

L.Twills will release her debut album, [Freedom/Fiction], on February 20 on Hanseplatte.

[Freedom/Fiction] is a beguiling collection of rough-edged experimental pop that, although shaped by the artist’s formative upbringing in Hamburg, Germany and its arts scene, is rich with the influence of Los Angeles, where it was largely recorded.

Ahead of the album’s release, L.Twills has shared a new video inspired by the sounds of Grace Jones, Missy Elliot, Chicks on Speed, M.E.S.H, and Cabaret Voltaire. She shot it during a two-day trip into the wilderness, with just a basic Nikon camera and a few pals along for the ride.

L Twills was born in Alice Springs, Australia before her mother sought the refuge of her German family to help with the new-born baby and moved north. Twills describes her mother as an “exiled hippie” and remembers reading their futures out via tarot card readings.[Freedom/Fiction] is here first release.

A lot of Twills’ time spent in Los Angeles was spent at CALArts where she got a stipend for the summer semester there, while she also immersed herself in local music communities and the arts scene. The record itself was recorded in the artist’s room in EagleRock. “It was a cellar-like situation, that you could enter through a wooden closet, and could become a temporary studio.”

Ahead of the album’s February release, you can read more about it here and stream the video for “Antigone’s Dream” below.