Absinthe parties (at least in the U.S.) are unfortunately still a rare occurrence, but the latest accessory from Sympathy for the Devil might change that by imprinting the drink in the minds of trendsetters through jewelry. The online marketing company is selling the ultimate accessory for absinthe enthusiasts, courtesy of a collaboration between BiJules NYC and Dust La Rock.

“La Feuille d’Absinthe” (French for The Absinthe Leaf) is a silver absinthe spoon necklace that’s as attractive as it is functional, doubling as the actual implement needed for dissolving sugar into the alcohol. And since it would be a faux pas to sport the necklace without knowing a thing about the drink, we hope this new collaboration is the start of many an absinthe party around the country.

“La Feuille d’Absinthe” is available exclusively through Sympathy For The Devil, at Goods Seattle and The Reed Space. Wormwood sold separately.