Ten years and eight albums strong, dancehall’s baddest gyal Marion Hall (a.k.a. Lady Saw) says goodbye to her longtime home VP Records, with a final album appropriately titled Walk Out.

One might surmise that Hall, like other dancehall stars, is ready to cross into the territory of the majors, but the album also suggests she’s simply outgrown VP. Though packed with the same sexually-charged lyrics and no-nonsense rhythms fans have come to associate her with, Walk Out also captures a more mature profile of the singer, previously unseen. “I’m singing about a lot more positive things and revealing a side of me that people never knew I had,” says Hall, who is mother to three adopted children and has recently taken on the alias Mama Saw.

Further proof of change lies in her latest single, “No Less Than a Woman,” an empowering track that addresses stigmas attached to infertile women. And in the fickle, male-dominated world of dancehall, that’s something that should keep her voice planted in the ears of listeners for many years to come.

Walk Out is, um, out March 13, 2007 on VP.

1. Hello Lady Saw
2. Big Up
3. Me and My Crew
4. Choose Me
5. No Less Than a Woman
6. World’s Prettiest
7. You Need Me
8. Baby Dry Your Eyes
9. Walk Out
10. Chat To Mi Back
11. It’s Like That
12. Power of the Pum
13. Like It
14. Stray Dogs