Lakker will release a new Eotrax EP, titled Eris Harmonia.

Eris Harmonia is described as “an investigation of disparate styles and sounds reflecting different reactions and emotional responses to the current world climate of chaos and uncertainty.”

After finishing Struggle & Emerge via R&S last year, the duo retreated to the studio to find fresh inspiration. In their words: “We talked of needing a black space or empty white page in which to experiment with sound, genre, and structure freely, without expectation and without time constraints or release deadlines.”

Eris Harmonia formed in this empty space. Disparate tracks gradually formed as a cohesive whole—fractitious strands of a larger piece. They seemed to resonate with a similar theme, a theme that mirrors and builds on that of Struggle & Emerge—inner and outer chaos and harmony. “Trump, Brexit, white supremacy, capitalism, corruption, biased media, fake news, the refugee crisis, extremism, violence, rape culture, misogyny, racism, homophobia, transphobia, and that’s just the beginning of the list….,” the label explains.


01. Song for Rathlin
02. Extinct Peoples
03. Empress
04. Eris pt. 1
05. Eris pt. 2

Eris Harmonia EP is scheduled for September 29 release, with a teaser streaming above.