re:ni and Laksa will release a label called RE:LAX.

RE:LAX is an extension of the pair’s party series and NTS Radio show of the same name. It will explore “music at faster tempos,” we’re told, and “try to continue the lineage of jungle, dubstep, grime, and UK techno.”

On the label’s mission, the pair say: “Now more than ever it’s easier for you to create and put music online. This can be a good thing, but it’s also easier for it to get lost, and we’re looking to expand the contribution of RE:LAX. Hopefully we can poke our heads out, create some narrative, and do something that feels personal, engaging, and energizing to a listener, no matter where they’re listening from.”

To launch the label, Laksa, the alias of London’s Callum Ross, will deliver Body Score, on which he traverses the same 150bpm territory as his releases for Hessle Audio and Batu’s Timedance.

“As a social worker as well as a DJ-producer, I’m into the idea how music, and especially dancing/raving, can be therapeutic and/or cathartic,” Ross says. “Just think about those nights which leave you on a high and can help carry you through the week. It’s why emotion and feeling in music is very important to us, and the label.”

For more information on re:ni, the chosen alias of Lauren Bush, check out her XLR8R podcast here.


01. Soulz
02. Bodies
03. Mind

Body Score EP is scheduled for April 21 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Mind” in full below and pre-order here.