NYC producer and founder of the fledgling Sci-Fi & Fantasy label, Lamin Fofana will return to his own imprint with the three-track First Symphony EP in August. Said to have been “composed during long winter nights in a room with unstable temperatures using mostly digital-based techniques and processes,” the forthcoming EP will consist of an opening ambient exploration followed by two efficient techno excursions, which come lined with the sort of sound design fitting for the head of a label deemed “Sci-Fi & Fantasy.”

Fofana’s First Symphony EP is slated to drop on August 5. In the meantime, the record’s artwork (based on a photograph by Dimitris Kapetanakis) and tracklist have been included below along with a video for the its opening effort, “First Exit (Excerpt).”

01 First Exit (Excerpt)?
02 Two-Spirit?
03 Unidentified (Long Mix)