DVS1’s Mistress Recordings will soon release Mistress 10 by San Francisco-via-Berlin-via-LA producer Lando, real name Antaeus Lando Roy, which will hit stores on June 20. 

The release lands after the Sacramento-born artist featured on DVS1’s Fabric 96 mix. We’re told to expect a four-tracker exploring and sampling the melodics and musicality of early Blaxploitation soundtracks. 

Lando has been producing, performing, DJing, and releasing music since 2005 on such labels like Hotflush, Rush Hour, Ultramajic, Tanstaafl Planets, and his very own imprint Myth Music. 

The four-track EP is the label’s 10th release. 

The Mistress 10 EP is simply, for the most part, a snapshot of my interests, inspirations, and stimulus encountered in the current moment of time in which the tracks were made. I’ve lately been extra engaged (more than usual) in the melodics and musicality of early Blaxploitation scores and soundtracks, hence the name Hutch, (i.e., soul brother Willie Hutch, the Blaxploitation score composer don), and sampling it in ways unconventional to my norm, while sprinkling over random improvised synthesis with generic drum machine percussion. I’ve been obsessed with hitting the record button for an hour or so and going to town, tapping in aimless sporadic elements throughout, keeping those so-called happy accidents. I guess its sort of ode to the Jazz approach in my own weird way. I also continue to revert back to using these sorts of enigmatic, mysterious tones, sequences, and melodies, even when I try not to. I just fall back into it, and it works for me. I guess I’d blame it on my love for X-Files and all things extraterrestrial.”— Lando


01. Hutch. 

02. Play Your Games

03. Ceremony 

04. Tonight We Land 

Mistress 10 EP will land on June 20, with clips below—or here. for EU readers due to temporary GDPR restrictions.