The latest offering from Brainfeeder affiliate and XLR8R podcast contributor Lapalux (a.k.a. Stuart Howard) has been announced as the Essex producer’s full-length debut, Nostalchic—an announcement which arrives with a preview of one of its fresh tunes. After last year’s Some Other Time and When You’re Gone EPs, Howard’s 12-track album will be released on March 26, and will feature a handful of guest vocals within the producers almagamation of “R&B and soul [with] elements of house and hip hop.” While you continue to patiently wait for Lapalux’s first proper full-length to hit retailers, you can check out Nostalchic‘s artwork and tracklist, as well as stream album cut “Guuurl,” below.

1. IAMSYS (Tape Intro)
2. Guuurl

3. Kelly Brook
4. One Thing (ft. Jenna Andrews)
5. Flower
6. Swallowing Smoke
7. Without You (ft. Kerry Leatham)
8. Straight Over My Head
9. Dance (ft. Astrid Williamson)
10. The Dead Sea
11. Walking Words
12. O E A (ft. Kerry Leatham) (Tape Outro)