Aside from his current North American tour, Lapalux has been understandably quiet since dropping his debut full-length, Nostalchic, via Brainfeeder earlier this year. But the UK producer has clearly been keeping himself busy, and has just supplied the first clue to what he’s been working on in recent months, sharing a brand-new track accompanied by a short film from Nick Rutter, the director behind Lapalux’s twisted “Without You” video. Entitled Chrysalis, the piece follows a teenager as he—figuratively and quite literally—falls apart after a past love moves on. To accompany the sometimes-gory story, Lapalux crafted a dark and deep bit of beatwork called “Gold,” which comes topped off by the lushly layered vocals of London singer Jassy Grez. The short film and Lapalux’s new music can be experienced together below.