10 years ago, Adidas joined forces with famed Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto to form the sport-style aesthetic of Y-3, one of the first collaborations of designer athletic wear. In celebration of that decade-long partnership, Adidas has announced an exclusive 14-track compilation curated by Alex Prat (a.k.a. Alex from Tokyo). The Y-3 10 Year Anniversary Compilation, which is said to find the balance between “style and sport,” features an eclectic array of names from the world of electronic music—including Chicago house pioneer Larry Heard, New York DJ Joaquin “Joe” Claussell of the renowned Body & Soul parties, nu-disco stalwart Daniel Wang, enigmatic UK artist Maurice Fulton, and burgeoning Irish producer Mano Le Tough, whose crisp house workout “Being Yourself” can be nabbed for free below. Before the Y-3 10 Year Anniversary Compilation is made available as both mixed and unmixed CDs and a special-edition vinyl box set (complete with a free digital download) on September 19, its tracklist can be found below, alongside Mano Le Tough’s exclusive tune.

Disc 1
1. Frank Wiedemann – Moorthon (Y-3 Version)
2. Blackjoy – Soubise
3. Maurice Fulton – Asteroids Playing Ping Pong
4. Mano Le Tough – Being Yourself
5. Rub-n-Tug – JUG
6. Daniel Wang & Jules Etienne – Rondo para Tercera Luna de Ypsilon
7. Lord of the Isles – Swell

Disc 2
1. Tokyo Black Star – X
2. Joaquin Joe Claussell presents Teenage Music – Storm
3. Larry Heard – Three Spheres
4. Discodromo & Massimiliano Pagliara – La Luna Nera
5. Jiro Amimoto – Pianos
6. Quiet Village – Sing That Song (You Know Who You Are)
7. Kaoru Inoue – Sunset over Yaeyama