Having pulled off a hugely successful performance at The Shrine in Los Angeles alongside Madlib, Daphni, and Floating Points on April 30, both Ben UFO and Four Tet have been scouring dancefloors across the West coast of the United States over past two weeks with multiple shows in LA, San Fransisco and San Diego before continuing East for the remainder of the month. Before leaving Los Angeles, the two sought-after DJs made a quick pit-stop at Amoeba Records before heading over to Los Angeles’ finest and most influential underground radio station, Dublab.

Hosted by Jake Jenkins on his weekly two-hour show Friendly Futures, both Four Tet and Ben UFO went back-to-back for a majestic and multifarious session that is now yours to enjoy.

You can STREAM and DOWNLOAD the full set by going to Dublab’s website here.

Dublab is a non-profit web radio collective devoted to the growth of positive music, art and culture. They are currently underway with their Proton Drive and they rely heavily on donations to keep the sounds that you enjoy up on the airwaves. If you are feeling generous, donate now by going here.