RVNG Intl. has just announced the seventh installment of its experimental FRKWYS series, FRKWYS VOL. 7. Following the release of FRKWYS VOL. 6, with its avant-garde explorations courtesy of Julianna Barwick and DNA’s Ikue Mori, comes a group of improvised ambient pieces from the all-star ensemble of Daniel Lopatin (pictured above), David Borden, Laurel Halo, James Ferraro, and Samuel Godin. Comprised of spacey highlights from a two-day long jam session, FRKWYS VOL. 7 promises to be an exercise in densely layered sonic texture. Dedicated collectors can pick up FRKWYS VOL. 7 July 17 as either a limited-edition LP or limited-edition CD; non-collectors will be able to snag a digital copy July 30. In either case, your best bet for purchasing a copy is via RVNG Intl.’s website, but in the meantime check below for the album art and tracklist.

Side A
1. People of the Wind Pt. 1 (12:26)
2. Internet Gospel Pt. 1 (5:59)

Side B
1. People of the Wind Pt. 2 (4:55)
2. Internet Gospel Pt. 2 (8:18)
3. Twilight Pacific (7:20)