Longstanding Frankfurt producer (and, as half of the Tuff City Kids outfit, a frequent Gerd Janson collaborator) Phillip Lauer (or simply just Lauer) will issue his second full-length album, Borndom, in the coming months. The 13-track record follows behind Lauer’s impressive string of releases dating back to the early aughts for labels such as Running Back, Beats in Space, and the imprint which will release his forthcoming LP, Permanent Vacation, among others. With a style “rooted in pop music and mixed with the reactance and sound aesthetics of punk, while wearing dancing shoes,” Lauer’s Borndom LP promises to be a melodically rich affair that seeks out many different paths to the dancefloor.

Ahead of the album’s May 8 release date, Permanent Vacation has let loose a full stream of LP cut “ESC,” a new wave-indebted cut flush with classic synth tones and thick vocal layers from Jasnau. The tune can be streamed in full below, where the complete tracklist for Lauer’s Borndom LP has also been included.

1. Crewners
2. Gammelan
3. Hump Acid
4. Telefon with Ela
5. Msndrstndng
6. ESC with Jasnau
7. Borndom
8. Pal_Oh
9. Mausback
10. Reebe
11. Carpet
12. Alright with Ela
13. By By