Longstanding French producer and DJ Laurent Garnier has announced that he will release a limited-edition vinyl box set via his own F Communications label next month. Entitled Home Box, the collection will gather together tracks from the five EPs the veteran artist put out under his Garnier moniker last year on five different labels, including Still Music, 50 Weapons, MCDE, Musique Large, and Hypercolour. In addition, the box set will include a number of unreleased Garnier track as well as remixes from the likes of Voiski, Copy Paste Soul and Husbands.

Garnier—an alumni of our 20 Questions interview series—will play shows in Berlin, London, and Paris this weekend to support the release. Officially out on March 30, Home Box will include four 12″ vinyls and one CD, the full tracklists for which can be found below; the box set is limited to 1000 copies.

Vinyl Disc 1:
A1. Enchanté (UNER Club Gleam Remix)(
A2. LOL Cat
B1. Beat Da Boxx (Marc Romboy Bon Soir At Warehouse ’94 Mix)*
B2. Bang (The Underground Doesn’t Stop) (Original Version)

Vinyl Disc 2:
C1. pǝsnɟuoɔ (Voiski Acid mix)*
C2. M.I.L.F
D1. Enchanté (Copy Paste Soul’s 2Swords Remix)*
D2. Psyché-delia

Vinyl Disc 3:
E1. Boom (Traumer remix)*
E2. pǝsnɟuoɔ
F1. D.S.K (Bambounou feat. French Fries remix)*
F2. H.E

Vinyl Disc 4: Honey I’m Home EP
AA. Drifting in Midwaters*
A1. I’m Going Home*
A2. And the Party Goes*

1. Psyché-delia
3. The Rise & the Fall of the Donkey Dog
4. I’m Going Home*
5. Revenge of the LOL Cats
6. M.I.L.F
7. Bang (The Underground Doesn’t Stop)
8. Boom (Traumer African Remix)*
9. And the Party Goes On*
10. The Rise & the Fall of the Donkey Dog (Husbands Remix)*
(* indicates a previously unreleased track)