Peter M. Kersten (a.k.a Lawrence) has announced the release of a forthcoming full-length LP expected to land in record shops and online this April via Mule Musiq. The album is titled Yoyogi Park, and the 10-track album succeeds 2009’s Until Then, Goodbye and 2014’s A Day in The Life—the first two parts of Karsten’s album trilogy on Mule Musiq. This latest effort sees the Dial boss return to the ambient and modern classical sounds present in the two aforementioned works, and includes both new and previously issued cuts like 2014’s “Nowhere Is A Place.” As reported by RA, the title of the upcoming project is borrowed from one of the biggest parks in the city of Tokyo.

The forthcoming album will be available in late April, as a 10-track CD and an eight-track double-vinyl, before seeing release digitally, a few weeks later.


01. Marble Star
02. Nowhere Is A Place
03. Tensui
04. Ava
05. Nightlife
06. Blue Mountain
07. Simmer
08. Clouds And Arrows
09. Joy Ride
10. Illuminated

Yoyogi Park will land via Mule Musiq on April 22, 2016.