James Murphy, DFA label boss and the delightfully quirky mastermind behind LCD Soundsystem, always wrote music that made folks want to party on the dancefloor, but it looks to be the first instance his musical creations will have people running for the treadmill. Thank Nike for making that happen. The sporting gear company commissioned Murphy to write a 45 minute track that would make good background music for a workout. Murphy has delivered, and the track will be available tomorrow for $9.99 at iTunes.

According to Murphy, band members were already listening to some of his music while working out, an inspiration that helped pave the way for this super-long, space disco project to happen. Whether or not it’s appropriate music to be sweating to will be entirely up to the listener, but at least we know our heros at LCD Soundsystem perform the dreaded treadmill routine we’re all prone to make fun of. Now the rest of you can start admitting you do the same.