Argentina’s Leandro Fresco and U.S. ambient producer Rafael Anton Irisarri will release their second cross-continental collaboration on A Strangely Isolated Place with Una Presencia En La Brisa.

As with the duo’s debut album, 2017’s La Equidistancia, Una Presencia En La Brisa, meaning “A Presence In The Breeze,” explores human connection, our similarities, and how small everything really is in the grand scale of things.

The pair speak about accidental connections in their hometowns, and bring to light a close bond despite have never met in person—they recorded it remotely between Buenos Aires, Argentina and New York, United States. The remote situation “ensured the music started without any predetermined concept yet installed a joyful and surprising experience each time a file was bounced back between them,” the label explains.

We’re told that Isisarri took the lead on engineering, culminating sketches, textures, and isolated instruments, and that the warm, harmonic drones are once again apparent, albeit with a lighter shine than on La Equidistancia.


01 / A1. Elevado Como Barrilete
02 / A2. El Vacío En Sus Ojos
03 / A3. Cuando La Rutina Nos Toma Desprevenidos
04 / B1. Mientras Más Me Alejo De Ti, Menos Me Importa Cuan Lejos Estoy
05 / B2. El Reflejo Que El Sol Ha Perdido
06 / B3. El Viento Aún Nos Lleva Sumergidos 

Una Presencia En La Brisa LP will be available on silver 12” vinyl and digital formats from January 6, 2020. Meanwhile, you can stream “Elevado Como Barrilete” below.