With the introduction of fixed-architecture synths, modular synthesizers experienced a decline in the ’80s—modular synthesizers had been commercially manufactured over ten years before by the legendary Bob Moog and Don Bulcha, who ceased production in 1981 and 1984—however, this made them much more sought after pieces of gear years later. Eventually, companies like Modcan and Doepfer introduced new modular systems in the ’90s, beginning a resurgence in popularity for modular synthesis—this can also be attributed to it becoming much more affordable.

In modular synthesizers, modules controlling different parameters can be moved around and mounted in endless combinations. You can arrange amps, envelopes, LFOs, filters, effects and more to your liking, experimenting with different combinations giving you a truly unique sound.

In the latest tutorial video from Point Blank, you can learn the basics of modular synthesis and get an inside look at the Arturia Modular V, an emulation of the Moog Modular—the synth that started it all.

You can watch the video in full below, with more on Point Blank and its courses here.