Leaving Laurel have released their second album on Anjunadeep.

When the Quiet Comes marks a new chapter for Leaving Laurel after Pierce Fulton, the original band member with Gordon Huntley, passed away following the release of the debut release in 2020.

As Huntley discovered recordings laid down by himself and Pierce years prior, he was driven to continue what they had started.

“Like seeds planted in the winter, forgotten musical ideas emerged and flourished, providing a cathartic sense of closure for Huntley and a new musical beginning for the band,” we’re told.

“Making this record was my search to find purpose after Pierce passed. It was a light to show me a way forward. A way for me to grieve, a way for me to hold onto the memories. A eulogy to my friend,” Huntley says. “This is the album I always hoped Pierce and I would make together one day. It’s my attempt to continue the dream we had, to take what we had started with our first album to a secret place beyond the club. To make a soundtrack for the moments where everything stands still.”

Sonically, we can expect eight tracks awash with warm piano, inviting textural percussion, and delicate melodies.

Since Pierce’s passing, Griff Fulton, his brother whom we also known as Aspetuck, has stepped into the project. You can read about him here.


01. And Those Guardian Angels Carried You Away
02. You Need to be There for Them
03. Better Days Will Come
04. One Last Thing You Never Said
05. There is Beauty When You Allow Yourself to See
06. Holding on Like it’s the Last Time
07. From Nothing Came Something and You Lasted a Lifetime
08. A Love, A Loss

When the Quiet Comes LP is available now. You can stream it in full via the player below and order it here.