Inglewood producer and saxophonist Devin Daniels has dropped Colors, his debut album as Kara, today on Leaving Records.

Over the last decade, Daniels has focused his work around the saxophone and is currently attending Jazzcampus in Basel, Switzerland, where he studies and performs in the Focusyear program. In his downtime, he has been diving into electronic music and beat-making as Kara, with Colors the first taste of his work in that realm.

Colors, which was recorded, mixed, and mastered in Daniels’ bedroom, comprises 20 groove-focused cuts that feature Daniels’ saxophone work throughout and tip a hat to the beat scene of his home city, Los Angeles.

Alongside Colors, Leaving Records dropped an EP by Devonwho, titled Offworld, which was recorded between 2017 and 2020, recorded entirely with the Elektron Digitakt and Sequential Prophet Rev2/08, Novation Bass Station II, and Roland Gaia SH-01 synthesizers.

You can pick up both releases via Leaving Records Bandcamp page, with label proceeds of both going to LA’s Youth Justice Coalition. Meanwhile, stream below.

Photo: Samantha Lee


Kara Color

01. NGC 224
02. Smash Lobby Music
03. Kale
04. Neutral Air
05. Fountains
06. Jade
07. Mikado
08. Lavender
09. Ditto
10.9 am
11. Over U feat. Jenna Noelle
12. Scramble
13. Acajou
14. Bunch a Snow
15. Basecamp
16. Sing
17. Bistre
18. Ogbeture
19. Ol Man River feat. Quran
20. Agua

Devonwho Offworld

1. soap
2. soar
3. blas
4. queue
5. tangent
6. tricorder
7. cars
8. wave
9. adds