Lee Gamble will release new album Mnestic Pressure on Hyperdub
on September 15.

Mnestic Pressure is Gamble’s first album since 2014 and his first with Hyperdub.

According to the label, the album sees a “noticeable change in his sound and the concepts that feed into his music.” Gamble says of Diversions 1994-1996 (2012) through to Koch (2014), “my music felt like I was dealing with signals from elsewhere, signals from the unconscious, sub-aqua, hallucinated, dreamt.” Mnestic Pressure, he continues, “feels like their decoded offspring, a terra interpretation.”

The live show that follows this record will present a deconstructed version of the album in part using purpose-built generative software. Gamble also has a new website that randomly generates “endless collisions” of audio from the album with archives of imagery and video.


01. Inta Centre
02. Istian
03. East Sedducke
04. 23 Bay Flips
05. Swerva
06. Quadripoints
07. You Hedonic
08. UE8
09. Locked In
10. Ignition Lockoff
11. A Tergo Real
12. Ghost
13. Déjà Mode

Mnestic Pressure LP is scheduled for September 15 release, with “Istian” streamable in full below.