Last week, we shared the news that experimental UK producer Lee Gamble would soon be returning to the PAN label with a new EP, Kuang, and would quickly be following it up with a full-length album, KOCH. Beyond that, there weren’t a whole lot of details available. That has been remedied today.

Speaking to Resident Advisor, Gamble revealed that KOCH will actually be a double LP, and says the music is partially the result of “trying to get a sound that doesn’t rely on a more obviously efficient sonicity but also connects in larger spaces and speaker systems.” Press materials state that the record is something where the listener can “experience an artist constructing a future after time spent deconstructing the past,” and Gamble adds that KOCH is an effort “concerned with the notion of dragging you in and out of some space.”

The Kuang EP is scheduled for release in August, while KOCH is slated to drop on September 12. The tracklist for both is below, along with the KOCH artwork.

Kuang EP
A1 Kali Wave
A2 Mimas Skank
B1 Girl Drop

A1 Untitled Reversion
A2 Motor System
A3 You Concrete
A4 Nueme
B1 Oneiric Contur
B2 Head Model
B3 HMix
B4 Frame Drag
C1 Voxel City Spirals
C2 Yehudi Lights Over Tottenham
C3 Jove Layup
D1 Ornith-Mimik
D2 Caudata
D3 Flatland
D4 Gillsman
D5 6EQUJ5-7