HXE (f.k.a HEX) have signed to Lee Gamble’s UIQ label for a hard-edged quartet of tracks in the space between sound designer techno and polluted megatropolis vapour noise. 

INDS lands three years after the enigmatic London-based duo’s debut with Liberation Technologies, and follows a debut album on Ukraine’s Filth Antifur. We’re told that it’s loosely structured around the practice and aesthetics of modern, large-scale industry, and that its four tracks are brutalist in resolve and construction, with pummelling bass and screeching vocaloids. 

It comes accompanied by artwork and a video in collaboration with Paris-based sculpture artist Anita Molinero, whose process of salvaging and irreversibly deforming industrial objects and materials is supposed to mirror the process and abrasive nature of HXE’s music.

The EP follows Zuli’s Terminal and Nkisi’s 7 Directions album on UIQ. 

Pressings are strictly limited to 300. 


01. Shiver 

02. Rozay 

03. Spill 

04. Worm

INDS‘ lands May 17, with clips over at Boomkat