Lee Gamble’s UIQ will release a new conceptual EP from Sim Hutchins, titled Vantablank Stare.

Vantablank Stare is an A/V project born from a personal discontent with the vacuous repetition of 24-hour rolling news coverage, and presenting a critical response to, in his own words; “the daily bombardment of news items on corruption and our societal inclination.”

In line with this, the work is presented as a video, though the music is available separately as a 12″/Digital. The video is its own site on UIQ and there are three languages to choose from. The bottom of the video is a standard line of text that BBC, SKY etc use, but here the artist has replaced the usual newspeak with somewhat news like but absurd lines.

Aesthetically, the EP’s three tracks of rolling post-junglism and fractured dub techno tessellations most acutely recall the tumbling designs of N1L and Lanark Artefax 12”s but, “its conceptual drive is closer to Sam Kidel’s “Disruptive Muzak” in the way it extracts from current socio-political issues ubiquitous to nearly all our lives, and especially for anyone living in the UK right now.”


A1. Some Men (you) Just Want to Watch the World Burn
A2. Nescience Is Not Ignorance
B1. Some Men (me) Just Want to Let the World Burn
B2. Locked Groove (∞)

Ahead of the EP’s June 22 release, you can watch the video here.