Credit: Kishi Yamamoto

Lee “Scratch” Perry will release his latest album, Rainford, in May, produced by Adrian Sherwood. 

Perry’s friendship with Sherwood stretches back to the mid-1980s and a fortuitous meeting brokered by underground broadcasting legend Steve Barker. This led to the creation of On-U classics such as Time Boom X De Devil Dead and From The Secret Laboratory.

This new set is the culmination of over two years of work, recorded in three different countries “by a crack crew of brilliant musicians,” the label explains. Sherwood likens to the album to the work Rick Rubin did with Johnny Cash on the American Recordings series. We’re told to expect a deeply personal work—the album title refers to Lee’s birth name—and arguably the “strongest batch of original material that Perry has released for many years,” the label adds.  

“It’s the most intimate album Lee has ever made, but at the same time the musical ideas are very fresh. I’m extremely proud of what we’ve come up as a piece of work.” Adrian Sherwood  


01. Cricket On The Moon 

02. Run Evil Spirit 

03. Let It Rain 

04. House Of Angels 

05. Makumba Rock 

06. African Starship 

07. Kill Them Dreams Money Worshippers 

08. Children Of The Light 

09. Autobiography Of The Upsetter

Rainford LP lands May 10 via On-U Sound, with “African Starship” streaming below.