Rex Kyed—two of the most renowned and unrelenting actors of the early Copenhagen punk scene and, later on, the experimental scene—have joined forces on Danish electronic record label Infinite Waves, releasing their first vinyl EP as a duo, the self-titled Rex Kyed, to be available on March 24.

Anders Rex and Peter Kyed met in ’90s during their time as members of the punk band The Bleeeder Group, led by the Sods and Sort Sol co-founder, Peter Peter. By the start of the millennium, Anders Rex formed the the krautrock-inspired electronic group Svartbag together with Niels Ladefoged, before Peter Kyed would become a fully grown member of the group in 2005. Playing a cinematic wall of guitar noise, the band released its self-titled debut album on the Copenhagen label Rump Recordings in 2008. Since then, the group has continued working on new material and playing concerts, despite going on an indefinite hiatus a few years ago. The trio will not rule out a comeback in the future.

The progress of recording the new EP on Infinite Waves has been in development for a long time, not least because of Anders Rex and Peter Kyed’s many other musical projects. Earlier in 2017, Peter Ryed released the LP <i.It’s Wonderful To Be Alive—Please Kill Me Now together with Peter Peter, while Anders Rex currently works on a show mixing music with dance, keeping contact between creative generations and ruling out stigmatization of age and gender.

Despite not being an autobiographical record, Rex Kyed is at the very least themed around periods of the artists’ own lives; of desolation, exiting and entering bubbles of comfort, being apart from family, and on a constant transit from A to B and back again. It is described as a “broadly minimalistic record” filled with aesthetic synth lines and a melancholic piano key here and there.


A1. Seat 11 F
A2. Wait
A3. Departures
B1. Youth
B2. Arrival
B3. Exit

Rex Kyed LP will land on March 24, with “Seat 11 F” streaming in full via the player below.