Danny Wolfers will release a new album as Legowelt next month.

Legendary Freaks In The Trash Of Time will land on Clone’s West Coast Series imprint. It will be the Dutch artist’s first appearance on the Dutch techno institution since 2012’s The Paranormal Soul LP.

We’re told to expect a “vivid collection of twelve genre-defying tracks: from late-night hermit house to Memphis rap influenced slow-jam electro, from Amiga 1200 techno-rave to cosmic spaceweed trance, including the whole universe in between.”

“Wolfers’ own hand-drawn sleeve artwork illustrates the album’s mood without the need for much further promotional blurb,” the label adds.

Although this is his first release for Clone in five years, Wolfers has been nothing short of prolific in this period: he’s put out material on Crème Organization, Unknown To The Unknown, and his own Nightwind Records. Earlier this year he revived his Smackos alias with A Vampire Goes West.


01. My Life In A Bush Of Spaceweed
02. Its Midnite You Are Lost
03. NorthSea Wisdom
04. Axumisia V S612
05. Trips In Polarius
06. Revenge Of The Nerds
07. Whatever Happened To SurfHouse
08. Computerized Paradise
09. New Stories
10. Beyond The Mind Of Man
11. Legendary Freaks
12. La Guerre Aux Reves

Legendary Freaks In The Trash Of Time is scheduled for October 30 release, with clips streaming below.