Longstanding techno producer Legowelt has just unveiled his next LP, a 12-track record called The Paranormal Soul, which will arrive next month via Clone. As FACT reports, the Dutch artist’s next offering “[mangles] the historical foundations of New York, Detroit, Chicago, and early UK rave, mixing it with seedy witchcraft rituals and deep space psychedelics for a boundless journey into techno mysticism.” You can check out the tracklist and artwork for Legowelt’s forthcoming LP below.

01. Danger In The Air
02. Clap Your Hands
03. Elements in Houz music
04. Rave Till Dawn
05. Sketches From Another City
06. Tigertrain
07. Transformation Of The Universe
08. Voice Of Triumph
09. I Only Move For U
10. Renegades Of A New Age
11. On a Cold Winter Day
12. To The Homeland