UntilMyHeartStops head honcho Leif Knowles is next up on Galdoors with Macro Beat, out April 11.

Galdoors was set up in 2013 by Berlin-based brothers Junes and Tames, who have since used the imprint as an outlet for their own music, as well as releasing EPs by Audio Werner and Elgato. Their next cut comes after a small break, and is by Freerotation resident Leif Knowles—a musician known for his atmospheric take on house and techno, who has recently put out music through the likes of Idle Hands, Sudden Drop and his own UntilMyHeartStops.

Knowles is no stranger to Galdoors, having previously provided a remix of Junes’ “Colours” back in 2013. According to the label, he has taken “his woozy grooves and lush atmospherics for a trackier spin” on the forthcoming record.

Macro Beat is out April 11, and can be pre-ordered at Juno and Deejay.de. Check out snippets from the EP below.