Now approaching its sixth year in operation, Leisure System has unveiled an upcoming label compilation in tandem with a new mix from co-founder Sam Barker (a.k.a. Barker, one half of techno duo Barker & Baumecker), available for free download. The Berlin-based outfit has built a reputation for distorting assumptions about what works as club music, with a roster of releases ranging from JETS to Visionist. The Leisure System Data.01 compilation will be issued at the end of the month in the form of a limited edition, acrylic glass SD card, featuring 17 unreleased tracks included in Barker’s recent mix for Resident Advisor (detailed below), as well as additional selections from the leftfield label’s back catalog.

Barker’s Leisure System mix can be downloaded via RA (at the bottom of the site’s recent feature on the label), though obtaining a tracklist is something of a scavenger hunt. According to Barker, throughout Friday of this week, artists featured in the mix will reveal their involvement through a coded system of hashtags posted to their social networks. Using the hashtag code #LSR-LSD1 followed by #ID[track number], listeners will be routed to the profile of the artist who contributed the track. (In short, they’re making us work for it.)

Seeing as Leisure System originated as a promotional force and continues to put on regular events, the label will fittingly mark its sixth anniversary on July 11 at Berlin monolith Berghain/Panorama Bar, with Andy Stott, Boddika, Holly Herndon, and Leon Vynehall among others slated to make appearances; more information can be found here.