Leon Vynehall has mixed the next DJ-Kicks compilation, due for release through !K7 on February 1, 2019. 

The 26-track mix features new material Vynehall himself, as well as exclusives by Hessle Audio and Timedance affiliate Ploy, rising newcomer Peach, and Pavilion. It also features a number of gems that will be available digitally for the first time ever from the likes of Bourbonese Qualk, The Bygraves, Degrees Of Freedom, Ellen Fullman, Crinan, Primitive, and Haroumi Hosono’s “Rose & Beast.”

I wanted to approach this more like a compilation than a stand-alone ‘mix.’ To me, compiling a DJ-Kicks is a significant statement of intent and representation, so with that in mind, I thought more about the selection than the mix. Being given the responsibility to select work from artists I admire, some of which have only ever been released on their first vinyl presses many years ago, was a task I didn’t take lightly.” — Leon Vynehall 


01. Leon Vynehall “Who Loved Before”

02. Kemikal “Genie”

03. Tomaga “Giant Bitmap”

04. De Fabriek “Loopy” 

05. Haruomi Hosono “Rose & Beast” (薔薇と野獣 ) 

06. dgoHn “Force To”

07. The Bygraves “Set Me Free”

08. Degrees Of Freedom “August Is An Angel”

09. Ellen Fullman “Over And Under”

10. Bourbonese Qualk “Moving Forward” 

11. Shamos “Nuws” 

12. Genesis P. Orridge & Dave Ball “Sex & The Married Frog” 

13. Run Dust “Full Slice” 

14. DJ Zozi “Mellow Vibe” 

15. RAC “Fushigi”

16. Primitive “Lapis Lazuli B2”

17. Crinan “Kilimanjaro”

18. Ploy “Pressure” 

19. Leon Vynehall “Ducee’s Drawbar” (DJ-Kicks) 

20. Pavilion “Happy Track” 

21. Peach “Faxing Jupiter” 

22. Etch “Unsung Hero Of Irrelevance” 

23. Mirage “Deep Rage” 

24. AFX “Children Talking” 

25. Jana Rush “Divine” 

26. Robert Haigh “Music For Piano”

Leon Vynehall: DJ-Kicks will be released on all digital platforms, 2LP and CD on February 1.