Photo: Frank Lebon

Leon Vynehall has unveiled Rare, Forever, his new album on Ninja Tune.

Rare, Forever follows the British DJ-producer’s Nothing Is Still, which XLR8R reviewed here. We’re told that it’s a “beautiful marriage” of everything he’s done so far but remains “genuinely progressive.” The end result sounds like Nothing Is Still but with the narrative toned down, and the dancefloor dialled up. It feels familiar for fans of Vynehall’s DJ-Kicks mix, his eclectic excursions on NTS, or his 2018 Resident Advisor podcast, while “simultaneously sounding unlike anything he’s ever done before,” Ninja Tune says.

“As much as there are dancefloor memories and moments, it’s not strictly a dance record—instead, Rare, Forever is the clearest representation of the broad spectrum of music he’s made to date, deftly weaving newer shades of post-punk, ambient, techno, and drone,” the UK label continues.

Upon turning 30 in Los Angeles, far from his London home, Vynehall found himself wondering about what he’s trying to say in life, where he’s trying to go, and thinking about his career to date. Whereas previous releases have looked back to discover who shaped Vynehall, Rare, Forever sees him investigating who he is as a person and artist in the very moment. “Here he showcases all the strings to his bow—creating music that’s borderless and unbound,” Ninja Tune continues.

The announcement comes alongside two new tracks, “Mothra” and “Ecce! Ego!,” which we’re streaming in full below.


01. Ecce! Ego!
02. In>Pin
03. Mothra
04. Alichea Vella Amor
05. Snakeskin ∞ Has-Been
06. Worm (& Closer & Closer)
07. An Exhale
08. Dumbo
09. Farewell! Magnus Gabbro
10. All I See Is You, Velvet Brown

Rare, Forever LP is scheduled for April 30 release on Ninja Tune. Meanwhile, you can stream “Mothra” and “Ecce! Ego!” below, and pre-order here.

Artwork: Eric Timothy Carlson