There’s a new Les Points EP on the way, Occult Anti-Neo-Liberal Acid Squad Vol.1.

Les Points is a Zurich-based artist collective of Audino, Barbir, Louh, and Nicola Kazimir.

It has been throwing parties across the city since 2009, but it is the imprint for which the name garners the most acclaim: though earlier 12″s were perched somewhere close to minimal house, both LPs that have landed possess a cross-over appeal and evidence a refreshing inventiveness that is so often lost in the modern day; while the later EPs rarely fail to impress either.

Occult Anti-Neo-Liberal Acid Squad Vol.1. is the label’s 10th release, and stems from a desire to “make a solid EP devoted to rave culture.” It consists of “dark ambient, experimental interludes, and obscure acid tracks made for free minded clubbing.”

It’s the label’s second release of 2017, following Barbir and Kazimir’s Gentrified Underground Youth.


A1. If the devil lives anywhere feat. Simon Javed
A2. Music is the bouncer
A3. The institutional club morphology begins
A4. 悪魔 IDS
B1. Inquinamento Neoliberale
B2. Overpromoted cyber-acids
B3. Equinox of club culture

Occult Anti-Neo-Liberal Acid Squad Vol.1 EP is scheduled for December 8 release, with clips streaming below.