Montreal-based quartet Lesbians on Ecstasy (LoE) just announced that their latest album, We Know You Know, will be full of the usual electro-punk, but with the added bonus of ’70s campfire-esque sing-a-longs and Burzum lyrics.

LoE should have been a band in the early ’90s, that faraway time when “parental advisory” labels were supposed to be shocking. One might theorize these five ladies–who remain devoted to the idea of women playing electronic music¬–would have caused hardcore conservatives to quickly forget about Body Count and NWA, even if all they sang about was My Little Pony.

In reality, the lyrics here are far more controversial than ponies. LoE is, according to their press materials, steadfastly focused on radical politics, “surfing the giant third wave of wimmin’s lib” in a world where “corporate interests and inequality reign.” Such charged statements are rendered nicely when paired with thrashing synths, rumbling basslines, and punk-inspired guitar riffs.

We Know You Know is out April 10 on Alien8.

1. Sisters in the Struggle
2. Sedition
3. The Cold Touch of Leather
4. Victoria’s Secret
5. We Won’t Give it Back
6. Party Time (A Womyn’s Luv)
7. Is This the Way?
8. Alone in Madness
9. Mortified

Lesbians on Ecstasy storms the streets beginning March 17 at South By Southwest. If you miss those shows, you can always check them out back home at the Montreal Biennale Contemporary Art Festival on May 11.

Tour Dates
03/17 Austin, TX: Exodus
03/18 Austin, TX: Hazy’s Backyard
03/31 London, UK: Bloomsbury Ballroom
04/05 New York City, NY: Studio B
04/06 Baltimore, MD: Sonar
04/13 Montreal, QC: Club Lambi
04/19 Quebec City, QC: Rouje
04/20 Wakefield, ON: Black Sheep Inn
04/21 Ottawa, ON: Barrymores
04/26 Toronto, ON: TBA
05/11 Montreal, QC: Montreal Biennale Contemporary Art Festival