On November 25, 2016, Letherette released the limited edition cassette Where Have All The People Gone?—a 40-minute mix of previously unreleased Letherette productions to partner the release of their second album for Ninja Tune, Last Night On The Planet. The collection— which explores ambient and deeper beats territory—will now see a digital release on January 31, 2017.

Where Have All The People Gone? picks up where Last Night On The Planet ends… a cold, grey landscape. The aftermath,” explains Andy. “Saturated onto cassette (Marantz CP430) a number of times to give it a crusty, aged and brittle edge, the playlist was conceived on a typically bleak night-bus ride through Birmingham.”


01. Blaek
02. Si Fly
03. Villim
04. Fill
05. Sway
06. NTF
07. M63
08. Dotted Yellow
09. Slamp (feat. Huey Briss & Pyramid Vritra)
10. SAE
11. 500+ Reprise
12. Triosys

Where Have All The People Gone? is scheduled for January 31 digital release, with “Triosys” streamable in full below.