New York-bred house stalwart and consistent XLR8R favorite Levon Vincent has taken to Facebook to announce an open call for artists to submit their demos in hopes of landing a sponsored apprenticeship from the hard-working, experienced DJ/producer in Berlin. “Things are optimistic for me for at least a year or two,” Vincent states in his post. “I am ready to start sponsoring/apprenticing people. Maybe one musician at a time. Let’s develop something.”

After further fleshing out his ideas for this project, the artist goes on to say that he aims to facilitate “24/7 music making,” and then asks for producers to send two demo tracks as SoundCloud links to with “Bootcamp” in the subject line. He elaborates, saying, “Three months should be enough time [for you] to learn a thing or two. Think of it as bootcamp. You must be completely committed to your craft. Anything else is secondary, and I’ll know immediately from the first beat of your demo, so don’t front!” Vincent’s entire post can be read here.