Earlier this year, we reported that Levon Vincent would be responsible for putting together the next edition of Fabric‘s fabled mix series. Now, the Berlin transplant has revealed the details of the forthcoming mix, and shared some insights into his creative process. Chatting with Resident Advisor, Vincent was rather candid about his approach, saying of the mix, “I didn’t really showboat or anything so much as just showcase the music as well as I could. I think that gives it a better shelf life.” The tracklist appears comprised of many of Vincent’s own productions, as well as a number of artists who have ran in related circles—resulting in a mix that is said to reinforce the modern, deep-house sound Vincent has made a name for himself with over the years. The New York-reared producer/DJ explains further, “I wanted to use this opportunity to push my signature sound. I have plenty of other stuff, sometimes I experiment and dick around, but if I’m hit up for a commercial mix, it’s gotta be the one concept I’ve been doing for so long… I hope people say that I had a commercial opportunity and that I used it to do something artistic, cause that was the idea.” Fabric 63 is set to drop on April 23 in Europe and May 22 in the US. For now, you can check the tracklist below and head to RA to read the full interview.

01 Joey Anderson “Earth Calls”
02 DJ Jus-Ed “Blaze (Do Dah Dab Mix)”
03 JM De Frias “Intrinsic Motivation”
04 Levon Vincent “Stereo Systems”
05 Levon Vincent “Polar Bear”
06 DJ QU “Times Like This”
07 Levon Vincent “Fear”
08 Levon Vincent “Double-Jointed Sex Freak II”
09 Joey Anderson “Hydrine”
10 Anthony Parasole “Tyson”
11 Levon Vincent “The End”
12 Black Jazz Consortium “Blacklight”
13 Levon Vincent “Early Reflections”
14 Levon Vincent “Rainstorm II”
15 Black Jazz Consortium “Far Away”