Nick Moore’s (a.k.a Linkwood) delicious debut album, System, will be reissued a decade after it first hit record stores. 

System surfaced in 2009 on Prime Numbers but will now be released again on Linkwood’s own Night Theatre label. 

The music has aged remarkably well, with the Edinburgh producer’s forays into Kraftwerkian electro (“Robot Parade”, “Pumpernickel”), vocal nu-boogie (the Reggie Watts-voiced “Tears”) and kaleidoscopic electro-funk (“Falling”) sounding on-trend. And there’s plenty more to set the pulse racing elsewhere across the LP, from the bustling, Chicago deep house jack of “Electricity,” to the rhythmic ambient bliss of closing cut “Nectarine.” It is an album that’s stood the test of time and boasts some stunning, club-ready moments.

The reissue will preceded two new 12″s on Night Theatre plus two further releases on other labels. Details will come soon. In the meantime, stream the full album below.

For more information on Linkwood’s production setup, read our feature here.  


01. Carbon Units 0:44

02. Robot Parade 4:46

03. Tears 8:42

04. Falling 5:40

05. Pumpernickel 4:00

06. Fudge Boogie 5:22

07. Chicago Pt.2 7:20

08. Electricity 7:51

09. System 8:17

10. Nectarine